About CIAP

CIAP has been a beacon of contemporary visual arts in Hasselt since 1976. As a non-profit independent testing ground for visual artists, CIAP organizes a diverse program by both national and international emerging artists and overlooked local artists.

CIAP is currently housed in the former provincial council hall of Limburg, designed by Brussels architect Paul Saintenoy in 1906, and is now entirely protected as architectural heritage. This creates a unique backdrop for the exhibitions, as well as public events like lectures, performances and film screenings.

CIAP functions as a Kunstverein.
The association’s work is supported by a broad public and the commitment of its members, and the membership partakes an important role for the financial support of the Kunstverein. Together we plan several trips in Belgium and abroad and the members are given priority to acquire the new editions.

CIAP produces 6 exhibitions per year, is free of admission and open all year from Wednesday to Sunday. 

CIAP is one of the 11 members of VERY CONTEMPORARY, a network of contemporary art venues in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. The partners of VERY CONTEMPORARY relate to each other through the language of contemporary art. The border region of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany is their training ground.
VERY CONTEMPORARY is as contemporary as the art presented here: Within a radius of 100 km, the network offers a wide variety of exhibitions and events, many of which can be visited in one day. The venues each have a highly individual approach and present art in the most appealing way - direct and inspirational, reflective and atmospheric.