Four Flags


Four Flags is a temporary project to support artists in this period of isolation and to promote art in public space. The goal of Four Flags is to present physical art at the time when the focus is put on virtual art experience. If the visitors cannot come inside, the art has to come outside. 

Four Flags is an initiative of Julia Mullié and Nick Terra from Amsterdam. They came up with the idea one day while enjoying the sun on the windowsill of their house in Amsterdam, when their gaze rested on the flag-holder attached to the facade of their house. It was launched on April 15 in Amsterdam. Each week, two new flags are going to be introduced to the public, and in total, 30 artists were invited to design a flag. For the element of surprise, the participating artists are only announced once their flag has been hung. 

Four Flags is coming to Belgium

At the initiative of collector Siska Bulkens and curator Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte, in the coming weeks, the flags will travel to a number of non-profits organisations in Belgium.

We hope to bring the art experience back to its essence, to close the gap in the digital art experience, to stimulate art lovers and to maintain the focus on non-profits. The collaboration between the initiators, the artists, the non-profits, the curators, and the collectors embodies a sense of collectivity for now and for the future, state the organisers.

From the 30th of April until the 31st of July, new flags will be presented weekly at Netwerk Aalst, Aalst; Be-Part, Waregem; Kunsthal, Ghent; AAIR, Antwerp; CIAP, Genk; KIOSK, Ghent; La Loge, Brussels, and CC Strombeek, Grimbergen. 

Week 1: 30.04–06.05 

The first flag to arrive in Genk is the work of Kasper Bosmans (°1990, BE) whose solo exhibition  Loot, Soil and Cleanliness was presented at CIAP in 2016. We are excited to welcome Kasper’s work again, this time to our new home. 

Week 2: 07.05–13.05

DAS INSTITUT is a collaborative platform founded in 2007 by Kerstin Brätsch (°1979, Germany) and Adele Röder (°1980, Germany). Incorporating marketing and branding strategies into painting, DAS INSTITUTE examines how globalisation and reproducibility affect the way images can be produced, disseminated, and circulated.

Week 3: 14.05–20.05

Juliette Blightman (°1980, UK) alternates between a variety of media. Her drawings act as a record of the places she has been to, the people she has met, and the situations that might seem hardly worth mentioning. Daniel De Paula (°1987, USA) is a former resident aof FLACC. His practice situates itself on the intersection of art, geography, geology, architecture and urbanism.  De Paula's work critically explores the production of space as the reproduction of power relations.

Week 4: 21.05–27.05

 Anna-Sophie Berger (°1989, AT) lives and works in New York and Vienna. In her work, she explores the borders of disciplines in order to achieve a critical understanding of individual motivations and feelings. She is interested in the tension between physical reality, the sensual needs of a social being and an increasingly digital perception of life. 

Evelyn Taocheng Wang (°1981, CN) lives and works in Rotterdam. Toacheng Wang raises questions about identity and how time and space can alternate them . Autobiographical experiences are combined with imaginary elements drawn from Chinese literature and philosophy, Western writers, and stories of her friends and acquaintances.

Four Flags can be followed online via the instagram account @ fourflags2020.