Growlers, Cracklers & Bursters


DAAN GIELIS - L.T.L.O.T.W.Willem Boel - Imagine it’s a garden shed. Courtesy: Veronique Fleury De Witte Anna Godzina - Plant 011Christoph De Boeck - MurmurEsther Venrooy - The Unseen and the VisibleFloris Vanhoof - De Vloeibare ComputerImge & Sine Özbilge - #01Jonathan Paepens - comme je m’interessePeter Lemmens & Karina Beumer - How about a ghostwriter writing a deleted scene for an offscreen character? Maika Garnica & Willem Coenen - Between a line and a circleLydia Debeer – (…) hunt the hunter while he hunts

Noise is fulfilling a connecting role in the new group exhibition at CIAP. The visual artists are not sound artists, by defenition, but expand their visual practice in an auditory way.

With: Anna Godzina  Christoph De Boeck  Daan Gielis  Ersi Varveri & Lynn Depreeuw  Esther Venrooy  Floris Vanhoof  Imge Özbilge & Sine Özbilge  Jonathan Paepens  Karina Beumer & Peter Lemmens  Koba De Meutter  Lydia Debeer  Maika Garnica & Willem Coenen  Robert Soroko  Willem Boel  Winnie Claessens  

The title of this exhibition, 'Growels, crackers and bursters', is derived from the willful names that the futurist Luigi Russolo (1885-1947) gave to his experimental machines. Together these Intonarumori or noisemakers  populated a cacophonic orchestra and are considered to be a forerunner of the current noise music movement.

In analogy with Russolo's orchestra, the selected works form a dissonant combination of image and sound in which each work can be heard in isolation, but once again in relation to the other works. In an orchestral way, this exhibition was created in an associative manner and was designed in a dialogue with all the artists.