Growlers, Cracklers & Bursters


Intonarumori by Luigi RussoloLuigi Russolo (left) and his assistant Ugo Piatti with their Intonarumori.Drawing of an Intonarumori.

With: Anna Godzina  Christoph De Boeck  Daan Gielis  Ersi Varveri  Esther Venrooy  Floris Vanhoof  Imge & Sine Özbilge  Jonathan Paepens  Karina Beumer & Peter Lemmens  Koba De Meutter  Lydia Debeer  Maika Garnica & Willem Coenen  Robert Soroko  Willem Boel  Winnie Claessens

Luigi Russolo's growlers, cracklers and bursters (and many more) would form an orchestra that would first reflect the new world of the machine and then contribute to human development.

The summer exhibition at CIAP will focus on sound as a connecting link. Not, as Russolo had intended his orchestration, to retrain and rework our ears, but to explore the relationship with the parallel reality of art that artists link to reality outside the exhibition space.

This exhibition was orchestrally brought together in association and in dialogue with all the artists.