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join forces at C-mine

join forces at C-mine

Maximiliaan Royakkers


Promising developments on the art scene in Limburg as two organisations join forces. Still this year, CIAP, platform for contemporary art, and FLACC, workplace for visual artists, will merge into one organisation, which will move to a new location at
the C-mine site in 2022.


In 2018, the news of the future house for FLACC and CIAP at the C-mine site was announced. The architectural project, designed by 51n4e (Brussels) and Point Supreme (Athens), combines ateliers, living facilities, indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces, café, and a public garden. The project is supported by the city of Genk and the Flemish Community. In the last two years, CIAP and FLACC have been working behind-the-scenes on this new infrastructure, but also on the model for the new organisation that will inhabit it.


The two organisations jointly decided that merging is in the best interest of their shared future. The new organisation will combine the strengths and functions of both partners: FLACC, with their long-standing expertise as a workplace, supporting artistic development, and CIAP, with 45 years’ experience in mediating and exhibiting contemporary visual arts.


Working in synergy with C-mine and other like-minded partners, this new organisation will offer artists space, time, and resources to experiment and develop new projects, but also share them with others. With a broad array of activities — workshops, exhibitions, talks, social gatherings, and many more — it will become a new meeting space for artists, art lovers, neighbours, and broader public. The innovative, creative environment of C-mine and Genk — the city in constant transformation — provides a fertile ground for this new development. In line with Genk’s past as “station d’artistes”, a beloved refuge for artists, researchers, and thinkers, this unique context offers an opportunity to become an artist colony of the future.


CIAP and FLACC are currently developing and sharpening the profile, programme, and identity of this new organisation. Meanwhile, you can follow their current programmes via their individual websites.


We are hiring!

We are hiring!

CIAP/FLACC is looking for an artistic director 19.01.21 —31.03.21


CIAP is a platform for contemporary art, founded in 1976 by a citizens’ collective and based at C-mine — a revitalised mining site in Genk, a stone’s throw from the Dutch and German borders.CIAP’s organisational structure is based on the model of the Kunstverein (art association). In this framework, CIAP organises exhibitions, lectures, artist talks, studio visits and excursions, and regularly produces editions.


FLACC boasts professionally equipped workshops for metal- and woodworking, a digital studio, a kiln workshop for ceramics, small- format bronze and glass applications, and a multifunctional space. Moreover, the organization is aware of production facilities available externally and collaborates with workshops, schools and companies in the neighbourhood to give artists the best possible support.


CIAP and FLACC are structurally supported by the Flemish Community and are currently working, in consultation with the city of Genk, on the transformation into a new organisation. Together, CIAP and FLACC are going to realise a new infrastructure on the C-mine site, designed by the architectural office 51N4E, and planned for 2022.


Who are we looking for?


We are looking for a creative, driven professional to take up the lead in drawing up and executing the artistic strategy, and related to it broad lines of financial management, in the context of new developments at C-mine site. As artistic director, you develop the artistic programme of CIAP/FLACC and curate ambitious projects, in consultation with the artistic committee and the team. You work closely together with artists from Belgium and abroad, and you are able to translate ideas into an ambitious but realistic framework. You develop an ambitious policy plan for the next subsidy application (due end of 2021), which presents a perspective on the functioning of the organisation and the new partnership in the years 2023-2027.


Experience, tasks & responsibilites


– You have a university degree or other higher education qualification.
– You have a great interest in and affinity for contemporary visual arts.
– You have several years of relevant experience in working with artistic projects (at least 5 years).
– You have business knowledge, preferably in the socio-cultural sector, and a relevant network.
– You have experience as a manager and someone who connects and can brings out the best in others (in the external network, the internal organisation and among artists).
– You respect deadlines, and you are able to handle different tasks simultaneously and set your priorities.
– You have excellent organisational skills, combining decisiveness and accuracy with flexibility.
– You are looking for creative solutions and you are motivated to maintain and increase financial flows.
– You are proactive and you bring in new ideas without playing solo. You act in cooperation with others.
– You are flexible (variable timetable).
– You have sufficient knowledge of Dutch and English (other languages are a plus).
– You take the lead in drawing up and executing the artistic strategy, in close and open collaboration with the artistic leader of the workplaces and other colleagues.
– You develop the artistic programme of CIAP and curate ambitious projects, in consultation with the artistic committee and the team.
– Together with the artistic leader of the workplaces, the business director and the other colleagues, you develop an ambitious policy plan for CIAP/FLACC, which must be submitted to the Flemish government at the end of 2021.
– You work closely with artists from Belgium and abroad, and you are able to translate ideas into an ambitious but realistic framework.
– You support the business and administrative manager
– You represent the organisation in a range of policy-making bodies, boards, and in the media, and you give space to your colleague artistic leader of the workplaces in this respect.
– You report to the board of directors and the artistic committee on an artistic level, in close coordination with the colleagues from the workshop.
– Together with the business director, you coordinate the artistic mission, vision and policy with the business policy.
– You prepare annual reports, policy plans, subsidy files and other forms of reporting.


What we offer


We offer a full-time contract for an indefinite period. You are remunerated according to cao PC 329 (socio-cultural work), you are entitled to holiday pay, end-of-year bonus, meal vouchers, a social subscription, and ICOM card.

CIAP/FLACC does not discriminate between candidates based on age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability or nationality.


A seniority of max. 10 years is covered.


You can apply until 31 March 2021.
Starting date of employment: 1 May 2021.


Send your application with a CV and motivation letter to

a new house

a new house

In the coming years, CIAP (Hasselt) and FLACC aim to jointly build a new future on the C-mine site (Genk) with a new infrastructure that is to become the home for both organisations.

C-mine is a former mining site that was renovated in 2010; today it is a dynamic place for culture, art, architecture, education, science, research and technology. It is in this location and on the basis of a strong level of cooperation that both organisations will build – and the term building can be taken quite literally in this instance – their new infrastructure in the coming years.


CIAP, FLACC and the City of Genk are therefore pleased to announce that the architectural offices 51n4e (Brussels) and Point Supreme (Athens) have submitted the winning design for the new building. The Belgian-Greek duo succeeded in convincing the jury with a design that consists of 4 sustainable buildings that create a stimulating, flexible and innovative working environment.

The proposal incorporates the individual character of the site, but also makes bold statements about the future. The new building is to become a home for artists: either in residence or visiting, on the eve of a breakthrough or with heaps of experience, or with a need for repose or a desire to produce, reflect or experiment. We hope it will also be a place where you will feel at home.

The estimated time of completion is currently set for the spring of 2023.